Our mission is to ensure equal access for all individuals, across all areas, to safe, affordable and sustainable energy. But we cannot achieve this by ourselves.

Joining the Centre for Energy Equality expresses your organisation’s intent towards tackling the causes and impacts of inequalities in relation to access to sustainable, clean energy. It is easy and free to join us – you simply need to sign our Energy Equality Pledge, committing your organisation to taking a number of small, simple steps that will help improve energy access for all. 

Together, we can ensure all people can prosper from equal access to renewable and reliable energy.

Membership Benefits


Through joining the CEE community, you will have the opportunity influence UK and international policy, practices and technology that improves the lives of thousands of people in terms of their access to energy services – increasing energy equality.


The Centre for Energy Equality conducts research and practical projects that aim to deliver fairer access to energy services. Our members actively carry out and help inform our projects and thus are able to demonstrate contribution towards a fairer and more equitable society.


Connect with a likeminded community of organisations that have the desire to achieve true energy equality throughout the world. CEE organises regular events to enable this. CEE also organises live talks from key influencers in UK providing learning opportunities.

Not sure which membership is right for you?

CEE offers two types of membership (Standard Membership and Impact Membership). If you would like to discuss the benefits of each, please do get in touch!
Membership Options and Benefits

Membership Options and Benefits

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Become a Member