Energy Equality Pledge

When you become a Centre for Energy Equality Member, you are agreeing to our Energy Equality Pledge. You are joining us on our journey towards achieving equal access to affordable and sustainable energy for all. The Pledge commits you to four simple actions that will help contribute towards achieving a shared mission of energy equality. It focuses on how you can contribute to the CEE’s four identified areas of focus. If you can commit to do these four things, we would be delighted to welcome you as a Member:


You will work to raise awareness of energy equality issues within your organisation and amongst your customers and partners.


You will champion the challenge of energy equality in your discussions with key stakeholders, and share information and case studies that will help CEE influence decision makers.


You will actively participate in CEE networks and discussions, sharing learning to drive better practice.


You will actively consider energy equality and access issues when developing and implementing new policies and products.

By committing to these four simple actions, you will be helping us move towards a world where energy access issues are understood and acted upon. Your organisation will become part of a growing network of organisations committed to energy equality.