Research and Consultancy

There is a pressing need to address energy challenges while ensuring accessibility and fairness for all people and communities. At Centre for Energy Equality we are dedicated to providing advice and research support across the energy landscape that can help shape products, services and future policy design so that the future energy system does not favour any one particular consumer segment.

We work collaboratively to address energy and social challenges, particularly focusing on consumer vulnerability. Research is central to our work, spanning technical product development, project evaluation, and studies on energy access issues. We also strive to make low-carbon technologies, such as Electric Vehicles, Solar Panels, and Home Energy Management Systems, accessible to all while emphasising affordability, education, and data-driven decision support. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that sustainable energy solutions are available to everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances.


Decarbonising Equally

We support organisations in identifying energy and social challenges, working collaboratively to develop and implement decarbonisation strategies that benefit all community segments. We specialise in strategies to address consumer vulnerability and facilitate access to energy services for the most vulnerable.

Inclusive Service Design

At CEE, we place Inclusive Service Design at the core of our mission. Our approach is marked by empathy-driven design, collaborative co-creation, a commitment to equity, cultural sensitivity, iterative adaptation, measurable impact assessment, and education and empowerment. We believe that true progress occurs when every individual, regardless of their background or circumstances, has access to sustainable energy solutions.


We both commission and conducts research to deepen our understanding of energy equality issues. Our research covers a broad spectrum, including technical product development, project evaluation, and short- and long-term studies on the consequences of limited access to energy and potential solutions.

Accessible Low Carbon Technology

Our Accessible Technology initiatives aim to make low-carbon solutions like Electric Vehicles (EVs), Solar Panels, and Home Energy Management Systems accessible to everyone. Through these efforts, we empower individuals and communities to embrace eco-friendly choices and reduce their environmental impact. We also focus on affordability, education, and data-driven decision support to ensure that these technologies are both attainable and beneficial for all.
Consumer Research & Analysis

Consumer Research & Analysis