Security of Supply for Vulnerable Customers (SSVC)

Addressing the Challenge

Power outages and emergency situations can disrupt the lives of vulnerable customers, leaving them without access to essential services and basic amenities. The Centre for Energy Equality recognizes the pressing need for a prioritized response system to address these challenges effectively. Our “Security of Supply for Vulnerable Customers” system is designed to provide a reliable and timely response to power outages and emergency situations, including the provision of batteries where power disruptions occur.

Key Product Features

1. Utilization of Priority Service Data

Our system leverages priority service data to identify those individuals and communities most in need of immediate power outage response. By analyzing this data, we ensure that our resources are allocated where they are needed most, helping those who are most vulnerable.

2. Scenario Planning

We plan for various outage response scenarios to efficiently allocate key products such as batteries and resources. This proactive approach ensures that we can respond swiftly and effectively to different emergency situations, minimizing disruption to the lives of vulnerable customers.

3. Individualized Response

Every customer is unique, and their needs during an outage can vary significantly. Our system enables us to understand who to respond to first based on their individual requirements. We tailor our services and product offerings to match the specific needs of each customer, ensuring that they receive the support they require.

4. Asset Location and Tracking

To provide a rapid response, it’s essential to know the precise location of our response assets. Our system includes advanced tracking capabilities that allow us to locate and monitor response assets in real-time. This ensures that we can deploy resources efficiently and effectively to where they are needed most during an emergency.

5. Resource Allocation Efficiency

With the “Security of Supply for Vulnerable Customers” system, we optimize resource allocation by matching the right services and products to the right people. This not only ensures that vulnerable customers receive the assistance they need promptly but also reduces waste and maximizes the impact of our response efforts

Consumer Research & Analysis

Consumer Research & Analysis