Trials, Testing and Prototype Design

We trial and test a range of new innovations, products and operating models that can support those living in vulnerable situations and enhance access to energy related services.


Trialling and Testing

We have strong relationships with academic and commercial laboratories, which gives us access to state-of-the-art research facilities and laboratories. This allows us to trial and test new innovations, models and products that can help meet the energy equality challenge.

Software Development

We have inhouse software development capability and are able to produce and embed software applications into existing systems. We are also able to produce fully functioning mobile applications – for example to help communicate energy efficiency measures and funding options available for consumers.

We can combine software and hardware to create fully integrated solutions focussed on improving consumer interactions with energy services. We focus on creating solutions that are accessible and adaptable for all life-situations.

Prototype Design

We know that innovation is one of the key ways in which we will tackle energy equality. New products and models of working are potentially critical to this. We have the skills and experience to work with you on developing new prototypes and helping to test and improve them before they are taken to market. We can also help you identify and secure partners for any new development projects.

Energy Equality Advice

Energy Equality Advice

Consumer Research & Analysis

Consumer Research & Analysis