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Energy Equality is something that is the responsibility of a wide range of organisations. Government, businesses, generators, distributors, local authorities, housing associations, the voluntary sector, and many more. At CEE, we know that the power of what we do lies in the strength of the relationships that we have.

We call on all organisations to join us on our journey towards making energy poverty history. You can become a CEE Member in two ways – by signing up to become a CEE Member, or by becoming a CEE Impact Member.


CEE Membership

It is easy and free to become a CEE Member. To join us, you just need to complete a simple application form – we will then contact you to discuss your membership.

CEE Impact Membership

In addition to standard CEE Membership benefits, Impact Members receive an ‘Energy Equality Impact Assessment’, an annual report on progress and discounts on our products and services. The cost of CEE Impact Membership varies depending on the type, size and complexity of your organisation and can be downgraded to standard membership in any subsequent years if required.  

Contact us for more details of how we can shape a package of support that meets your requirements.

Membership Options and Benefits

Membership Options and Benefits

Members Directory<br><br>

Members Directory

Complete Membership Application Form

By checking the box below, you are agreeing to our Energy Equality Pledge, and becoming a CEE Member. You are joining us on our journey towards achieving equal access to affordable and sustainable energy for all.

The Pledge commits you to four simple actions that will help contribute towards achieving a shared mission of energy equality. It focuses on how you can contribute to the CEE’s own four identified areas of focus. If you can commit to do these four things, we would be delighted to welcome you as a Member:

Inform You will work to raise awareness of energy equality issues within your organisation and amongst your customers and partners.

Influence You will champion the challenge of energy equality in your discussions with key stakeholders, and share information and case studies that will help CEE influence decision makers.

Connect You will actively participate in CEE networks and discussions, sharing learning to drive better practice.

Deliver You will actively consider energy equality and access issues when developing and implementing new policies and products. By committing to these four simple actions, you will be helping us move towards a world where energy access issues are understood and acted upon. Your organisation will become part of a growing network of organisations committed to energy equality.
Thank you very much for signing up to our Energy Equality Pledge and for your application to become a CEE Member. Following a few simple checks, a Member of the CEE team will be in touch with your Primary Contact soon to confirm your membership and send over a joining pack by email.

We look forward to welcoming you to the CEE community and for you to join us on our mission to ensure equal access to affordable and sustainable energy for all communities.