Energy Equality Lab

The Energy Equality Lab is a unique facility at the Centre for Energy Equality where we can demonstrate and evaluate the impact of low carbon technologies on different parts of society. Our lab provides a representative living environment that simulates real-life conditions, allowing us to showcase how these technologies can be integrated into daily life to support all members of society, not just the wealthy.

In the Energy Equality Lab, we trial a range of technologies, including electric vehicle chargers, renewable energy sources, smart devices and appliances, and energy efficiency measures. This allows us to research how these technologies can help reduce energy bills and carbon emissions. Additionally, we conduct research into how behavioural changes can help to further reduce energy consumption and promote sustainability.


Research and Development Collaboration

The Centre for Energy Equality is proud to collaborate with a number of universities and organisations, enabling access state-of-the-art research facilities and laboratories. Our close links with these organisations allow us to test and evaluate a wide range of energy-related technologies and solutions, including advanced energy storage systems, renewable energy generation and integration, smart grid and microgrid simulations, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, building energy efficiency and management systems, and climate change and sustainability research.

Our partnerships provide us with the opportunity to enhance our research capabilities and stay at the forefront of energy equality. By working closely with universities, we can leverage their expertise, resources, and facilities to further our mission of promoting energy equality and sustainability.