Consumer Impact Panel

In the transition to net-zero energy systems it is important that new service design takes into account diverse views so that these services work for everyone.

Working with Three Hands Insight, we’ve established a bespoke panel of people from their Lived Expert Community who are able to provide valuable insights into services that are shaping the future of the energy industry.


The Lived Expert Community

The community consists of over 200 individuals from diverse backgrounds across the United Kingdom. The lived expert community represent a broad spectrum of life circumstances, including:
It’s important to recognise that vulnerabilities rarely exist in isolation; often, one vulnerability can lead to another. Consequently, our community members frequently experience multiple vulnerability circumstances simultaneously.

Engagement Approach

By engaging lived experts in meaningful ways, valuable insights can be gained into the design of future energy systems. Their voices and experiences guide us and our partners towards policies and service practices that ensure energy equality, making sure that no one is left behind as we work towards a sustainable and equitable energy future.
Example engagement approaches might include:
Consumer Research & Analysis

Consumer Research & Analysis