Software & Analysis

Creating accessible data analysis and software solutions is key to unlocking a successful transition to a fair and equitable energy system.

With data becoming the lifeblood of modern society, it is increasingly clear that harnessing its power is vital in shaping the future of our energy systems. Accessible and comprehensive data analysis can unearth critical insights, enable efficient energy consumption, and customise energy solutions to cater to the diverse needs of communities and regions. This, in turn, empowers individuals and organisations to make informed decisions about their energy use, fosters energy efficiency, and contributes significantly to a more sustainable and inclusive energy future.

Our team, composed of expert software developers, engineers, and mathematicians, is at the forefront of utilising cutting-edge technology to drive meaningful change.


AI and Machine Learning

The potential of AI and machine learning to revolutionise the energy sector is immense. Our team’s deep understanding of these technologies allows us to develop predictive models, optimise energy systems, and make informed decisions based on data-driven insights. Through AI and machine learning, we unlock new avenues for all people to contribute to the low carbon transition.

Technical Analysis

Identifying those most in need is at the core of our analysis services. Through rigorous data analysis and modelling, we uncover patterns and trends that might otherwise remain hidden. By pinpointing communities and households most in need of energy solutions, we ensure that our efforts are targeted, impactful, and equitable.

Community-Centric Approach

We prioritise community engagement and collaboration, working closely with local stakeholders to understand their unique energy challenges. By involving the communities we serve, we ensure that our solutions are contextually relevant and empower those directly affected.

Decision-Making Support

In a rapidly changing energy landscape, informed decision-making is paramount. Our analysis services provide stakeholders with actionable insights, enabling them to make informed choices that drive equitable change.
Consumer Research & Analysis

Consumer Research & Analysis