What is Energy Equality?

Energy equality is an important concept that may not be familiar to everyone. It is a movement dedicated to ensuring that all individuals in our communities have an equal opportunity to access the energy services and technologies that they require to meet their needs. Delivering this will require coordination and action from producers, suppliers, government, civil society and business. The Centre for Energy Equality exists to support this coordination, and make sure that the issues surrounding energy equality are widely understood and acted upon. 

This is particularly important in the context of decarbonisation. Making sure that new, low carbon technologies have the widest possible benefit is a key aim of energy equality advocates.
Some of the challenges in achieving energy equality include:

  • Identifying those who need support accessing energy services.
  • Fuel poverty and energy affordability.
    Customer service and access to energy services for vulnerable groups.
  • Safety for vulnerable groups.
    Affordable low carbon energy and technologies.
  • Electrification in remote areas (particularly in less-economically developed countries).
Energy <br>Equality and <br>Decarbonisation

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