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Fairer Warmth Trials Begin

Fairer Warmth is a transformative system that enables organisations to better prioritise and support those most in need of home energy advice and improvements. It has been developed by the Centre for Energy Equality (CEE) over the last 6 months in partnership with Rossendale Borough Council and Rossendale Valley Energy, a community energy group in Rossendale, with support from UKRI (the UK’s innovation agency) and the Energy Systems Catapult.


What Is The Fairer Warmth System?

The Fairer Warmth system provides a dynamic interface between organisations (via the Fairer Warmth Platform) and households (via the Fairer Warmth App), enabling them to work collaboratively to decarbonise. The App provides individuals and families with the tools they need to reduce energy consumption and access energy related grants and support.

Additionally, the Data Platform enables simple tracking of a community’s progress towards net zero, applies novel data analysis to better predict the energy performance of homes across the United Kingdom and creates bespoke improvement plans for those most in need.

How is the system being trialled?

After a period of user testing, including in-depth interviews facilitated by Energy Systems Catapult, the Fairer Warmth system has just started public trials. The Fairer Warmth App has been launched in Rossendale via a multimedia marketing campaign which included newsletters, leafleting, partnering with a health centre, and direct engagement in public spaces.

Initial Impact

Preliminary data from the Fairer Warmth Platform shows promising uptake and use of the Fairer Warmth App. So far, more than 50 people have used the app to create an energy-saving plan, and approximately 5% have found that they are eligible for grants such as the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and Home Upgrade Grant (HUG). We anticipate grant eligibility to be far higher when ECO Plus is launched later in the spring as the criteria for eligibility is widened.

What’s Next?

CEE is excited to announce that we will be launching the Fairer Warmth App and Data Platform nationally in the coming weeks, followed by a significant marketing campaign aimed at enabling those most in need to get the support they require. We are keen to engage partner organisations interested in supporting households and families in their communities to become more energy-efficient and gain access to the funds they need.


Fairer Warmth is a system that has been designed to help reduce energy consumption in a structured and affordable way. The trial is now underway, and initial reporting has shown that the system is being well received by those who have used it

If you are interested in learning more, please get in touch with the team for a demo or further information.