Safeguarding & Response Hub

Our Safeguarding & Response Hub is a software solution designed to enhance response to power outage, loss-of-supply and other emergency incidents. It leverages priority service data to identify and assist individuals and communities most in need during outages. The system offers scenario planning, ensuring efficient allocation of resources, individualised response tailored to specific customer needs, advanced asset tracking, and optimised resource allocation to maximise support for vulnerable customers, all contributing to a swift and effective emergency response.

Response Hub can be integrated with existing service and product offerings such as batteries, generators, temporary heating solutions and other services designed to support people during emergencies. Key features are outlined below.


Utilisation of Priority Service Data

Our system leverages priority service data to identify those individuals and communities most in need of immediate power outage response or response to other emergency requirements. By analysing this data, we ensure that resources are allocated where they are needed most, helping those who are most vulnerable.

Scenario Planning

Plan for various response scenarios to efficiently allocate key products such as batteries and temporary heating solutions. This proactive approach ensures rapid response to different emergency situations, minimising disruption to the lives of vulnerable customers.

Individualised Response

Every customer is unique, and their needs during an outage can vary significantly. Safeguard Pro enables us to understand who to respond to first based on their individual requirements. Services can be tailored to specific needs of each customer, ensuring that they receive the support they require.

Asset Location and Tracking

To provide a rapid response, it’s essential to know the precise location of our response assets. The system includes tracking capabilities that allow us to locate and monitor response assets in real-time. For example batteries.

Resource Allocation Efficiency

Optimise resource allocation by matching the right services and products to the right people. This not only ensures that vulnerable customers receive the assistance they need promptly but also maximises the impact of response efforts.