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The Importance of Energy Equality in the context of decarbonisation

This paper unearths pressing issues concerning the overlap between energy equality and decarbonisation , and their impact on human health, well-being, and prosperity.


About Us

What is Energy Equality?

Energy Equality is a movement dedicated to ensuring that all individuals in our communities have an equal opportunity to access the energy services and technologies that they require to meet their needs.


Innovating for a Sustainable Future


With close links to the University of Chester’s Energy Centre we can access state-of-the-art facilities enabling us to support your organisation to develop novel energy solutions that help communities fulfil their potential.

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Centre for Energy Equality

who we are

Centre for Energy Equality is a Social Enterprise with a mission to identify, test, develop, and deploy the solutions that will ensure equal access to safe, affordable and sustainable energy across all communities. 

We bring together a unique blend of expertise, practical solutions and access to networks in order to promote, develop and support initiatives that help people access affordable and sustainable energy. 

We work with organisations across all sectors to ensure that the low-carbon energy transition leaves no one behind and brings new opportunities for individuals and communities to fulfil their potential. 

How we can help

Centre for Energy Equality
joining us on our mission


Joining the Centre for Energy Equality expresses your organization’s intent toward tackling the causes and impacts of energy inequalities and provides various benefits, including access to expert advice and networks.

delivering through innovation


With close links to the University of Chester’s Energy Centre we can access state of the art research facilities and laboratories. We are able to test everything from novel electronic devices to fully integrated microgrid solutions.

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